African Kids Reading Club (AKRC)

African Kids Reading Club

The African Kids Reading Club aims to make sure African kids are getting the help they need with their reading and homework, have fun and enjoy learning in a family setting environment. This program is focusing on pre-school and primary school children (aged of 4-12 yrs). The program is targeting African families living in the Housing Estates in Fitzroy and Collingwood. Educational support for pre-school children is done in partnership with Save the Children. We have a number of fantastic volunteers who support the kids’ learning and we would welcome more help.

The Reading Club runs on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3.30pm to 5pm in Fitzroy.


  • To empower parents to take the lead in reading with their children regardless of their limited or no English.
  • To strengthen children’s ability to read.
  • To provide an opportunity for children to get to know each other in a learning environment.
  • To provide a chance for children to have fun while reading with their parents or volunteers.

African Kids Reading Club

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