Board of Management

ACFA is governed by a Board comprising office bearers, two elected members and up to 4 co-opted members. The Board’s role on behalf of the organisation and our members and other stakeholders, is to ensure that we achieve our Mission and strategic goals and objectives and, in doing so, meets all the legal and moral responsibilities and requirements accompanying ‘best practice’ governance.

ACFA Board 2013
ACFA Board 2013

Board members

1. Ary Lyimo – Chairperson

2. Prisca Craddick – Vice Chairperson

3. Paul Ndungu – Secretary

4. Austin Mghendi Kijagulu – Assistant Secretary

5. Prosper Sebafundi – Treasurer

6. Davis Wamawungo – Assistant Treasurer

7. Dr. Apollo Nsubuga-Kyobe – Public Liaison Officer

8. Rita Padang – elected Board Member

9. Urge Dinegde – elected Board Member

Co-opted Board members

  1. Stuart Thomson
  2. Rhobi Sila
  3. Jonathon Makuwira
  4. Joseph Kamara

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